Has Jennifer Lawrence Been In A Horror Movie Before? The Actor Gets Spooky In The ‘Mother’ Teaser

After being nominated for her first Oscar at the ripe young age of 20, winning her first trophy at 22, and being nominated twice more by 25, J. Law undoubtedly has her pick of projects to work on next… which is what makes the mother! teaser starring Jennifer Lawrence so surprising. Usually actors work on many genre films before make their way through prestige films and an Oscar win. However, the Hunger Games actress is taking the opposite tack; with an Academy Award already under her belt, she’s going in for a good old-fashioned fright flick. But has Jennifer Lawrence ever done a horror movie before?

Lawrence’s only official foray into the horror genre before mother! was the little-seen House At The End Of The Street. Although it was filmed in 2010, around the same time as Winter’s Bone, the movie didn’t end up getting released until September of 2012, sandwiched between her star-making turn in The Hunger Games (out in March of that year) and her future Oscar-winning role in Silver Linings Playbook (out in November). The film featured Lawrence as an unsuspecting girl whose family moved into a house down the street from the site of a grisly murder, and who unwisely befriends the sole survivor (played by Bates Motel‘s Max Thieriot). The House At The End Of The Street garnered a 11 percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes and flopped at the box office.

But even if you’d known that Aronofsky’s new film was “horror,” you’d be forgiven for assuming that the horror would be of the more psychological variety on display in Black Swan. But the 30-second mother! teaser puts the lie to that theory, with the footage advertising what looks like an honest-to-goodness scary movie complete with creepy house, bloody murders, and a leading lady with a healthy set of lungs.

Most of the teaser consists of a prolonged shot of Lawrence wandering through an empty house, while disturbing dialogue murmurs in the background, unsettling for being so out-of-context. “What brings you to us?” Lawrence asks. “They told me I could find room here,” Harris responds. “He thought we were a bed and breakfast,” Bardem offers helpfully. The dialogue grows increasingly more frantic, building up to Lawrence shouting, “You’re insane! Murderer!!“just as the footage explodes into a frenzy of quick cuts, including glimpses of a body being engulfed in flames, a dying housefly, Lawrence screaming, a lightbulb exploding, and somebody hitting someone else in the head from behind, and Bardem shouting.

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It’s interesting that a star as high-profile and acclaimed as Lawrence would be drawn to a horror movie, even one with the pedigree of a filmmaker like Aronofsky behind it. Interestingly, this actually isn’t the actor’s first time delving into the genre. Obviously, the Hunger Games series had elements of horror to them — particularly the first film, which saw children forced to kill other children for the amusement of a corrupt government. And Winter’s Bone, the 2010 indie drama that landed Lawrence her inaugural Oscar nod, often felt like it could tip into outright horror at any point, as her character navigated the unforgiving landscape of the drug-addled Ozarks looking for her missing father.

mother! will certainly be a film for both horror fans and Oscar fans alike to keep an eye on this fall.


Review Has Jennifer Lawrence Been In A Horror Movie Before? The Actor Gets Spooky In The ‘Mother’ Teaser

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