MELD: Watch The Trailer For Proposed SciFi Series

It was aaaaaaaaaaall the way back in 2009 that we first came across Canadian filmmaker David James Fernandes. The occassion was his impressive scifi short Re-Wire, a film that promised good things to come. And they’ve taken a while but Fernandes is back now with a trailer for another impressive scifi concept, this one titled Meld.

Nisa Gunduz stars in Meld as Karine Ahmed, a 25 yr old woman who tries a new party drug called Meld. The next morning she discovers she can eavesdrop on other people’s texts, emails, searches and photos – their entire digital lives are suddenly accessible to her, as easy as thinking. It’s fun – until she discovers that a dangerous group is using these abilities to control politicians and other powerful elites. Karine soon gets drawn into uncovering the truth behind Meld, where it came from, and why it exists.

Fernandes is raising support to build Meld out into a full web series so check out the trailer below and spread the word if you like it!

Meld Trailer from David J. Fernandes on Vimeo.

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