New Sci-Fi Series ‘Cyborgs’ Set to Premiere This Year

The world of science fiction is an ever growing genre that is beginning to seem more like prophecy than fiction. As technology slowly begins to replace humans in the job market, there is an inherent fear that we will someday become obsolete. In the new, independently produced sci-fi series Cyborgs, a race of highly intelligent and deadly robots have declared war on humans—and the humans lost.

The series, created by the filmmakers behind the documentary Legendary AD, is set in the era after this global war has already ravaged the planet. Left as a desolate, arid wasteland, the setting reveals a quintessential post-apocalyptic landscape, speckled with dusty zephyrs and tumbleweeds. Tucked away somewhere in this region is a surviving group of scientists who have created a team of evolved cyborgs; 10 humans who have been technologically enhanced. The series focuses around themes of humanity versus technology and how close the two have already come to being one in the same.

In addition to tackling the dystopian motif that seems to always percolate in the back of humanity’s collective mind, there is also a fair share of drama, adventure and comedy. Attachment to the characters places the viewer in a unique position as they begin to understand the very gray area between human and robot, and what truly defines the two. This has been an ever-present theme in entertainment with films like Blade Runner, Ex Machina and Westworld, which sparks a dialogue about the idea of humanity treating robots inhumanely and begs the question—where do we draw the line?

Director Leonardo Corbucci, and his Los Angeles-based crew of cinephiles, are financing this series via crowdfunding, a popular production method of the modern film era. What makes crowdfunding unique is the idea that it is essentially created for the viewers, by the viewers. In an industry that is based on the principles of major studios dictating what is created and what is not, this has become an important method in keeping independent productions alive.

Together with his team, Corbucci is creating a topical series that aligns with the advancement of technologies such as virtual reality and robotics. The idea of creating a world, or a person, that was completely contrived in the mind of an engineer instead of in the uterus of a woman, is a concept that is no longer science fiction but rather reality. As scientists and engineers continue to push the boundaries of smart devices, humanity creeps ever closer to a reality where robots live among us.

Cyborgs is a mixture of futuristic imagery and that raw, gritty effect unique to independent productions. Visually, it pulls the viewer into a rugged dimension where the only thing that is certain is a post-apocalyptic reality. Whether it is intended to be or not, Cyborgs is a cautionary tale about the dangers of playing God as well as a reflection of how far we have come as a civilization. Twenty years ago, the narrative of this show would have been considered pure fantasy, however now, it could be seen as a prophecy of what’s to come.

Source: New Sci-Fi Series ‘Cyborgs’ Set to Premiere This Year | The Huffington Post

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