Upcoming Releases by Manufacturer

Creator’s Line – Mark Bloodworth Sketch Card Series (5FINITY) Zombie vs. Cheerleaders Platinum Sketch Card Series (5FINITY) Rocket Girls (Cult-Stuff) The Walking Dead (Cryptozoic Entertainment) The Guild (Cryptozoic Entertainment) Tarzan 100th Anniversary (Cryptozoic Entertainment) Big Apple Baseball (Famous Fabrics) Enshrined (Famous Fabrics) Canada at War Series 2: First World War and Second World War (iCardz) […]

eBay Image Recognition App

eBay is almost ready to add image-recognition technology to its mobile platforms. This technology will give shoppers the ability to take photos of the items they’re looking at and have eBay instantly show matching results from its millions of listings very much like Google Goggles. It’s not clear which of eBay’s apps will get the […]